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Investment Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to bring together forward-thinking and high-net-worth individuals to purchase multifamily real estate, providing long-term growth, cash flow, and time freedom for our investors, while improving resident living standards.  We believe in the power of strong, communication-based relationships at all levels – from investors to residents – and build this into our foundation from day one.

At Hammer Capital Group, we recognize that real estate is often overshadowed by the more traditional world of stocks and mutual funds. However, we also understand that 90% of millionaires invest in real estate – for good reasons. Our goal is to educate passive investors about the numerous benefits and key risks associated with multifamily investments, so they can be empowered to make informed decisions about their financial future. We view our passive investors as long-term partners and know that each investment has the potential to lead to future re-investments.  As such, we look forward to pursuing our mission together for decades to come.

At Hammer Capital Group, our team continuously vets multifamily real estate deals to find the most advantageous opportunities for our investors, while taking important steps to protect our investors' capital. We recognize that while the real estate market historically keeps pace with or exceeds inflation every year, there are exceptions, and in some years the real estate market may experience a decline. As such, we take a conservative approach to underwriting and intentionally assume market conditions will be less favorable in the future than they are today.

At Hammer Capital Group, we remain flexible on our deal timeline to protect investor capital and enable higher-than-projected returns. While some investment strategies and market conditions may call for a sale in 2-4 years to maximize investor returns, others may call for a 5-7-year hold to achieve projected returns. In the end, we go back to our primary mission – to provide long-term growth, cash flow, and time freedom for our investors.  Our team is here for you!

Mike Martel, Founder and CEO

Mike Martel is the founder and visionary of Hammer Capital Group, overseeing investments and lead generation. He and his team provide long-term growth and cash flow for its investors, while improving resident living standards. Mike's focus is on building relationships and educating aspiring investors on how to begin their journey toward financial security and time freedom. He has a Bachelor's in Industrial Design from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) and a Master's in International Relations from the Naval Postgraduate School. He retired from the U.S. Marines after nearly 25 years of service.

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Brian Briscoe, Strategic Advisor

Brian is the founder of Streamline Capital Group and a full-time apartment investor with ownership interests in over 1500 units totaling over $140 million in assets. He is a multifamily coach and mentor, the director of the multifamily educational community The Tribe of Titans, and the host of the “Diary of an Apartment Investor” podcast. He retired from the U.S. Marines after 20 years of service.